7 weeks and 4 days

Baby update: baby is measuring right on schedule with a heart rate of 140 today. My progesterone has dropped a little but the doctor says that is normal. I am still on the progesterone suppositories 3 times a day.

Pregnant update: I have craved all things spicy (especially garlic and bbq). I have been nauseous several times but haven’t thrown up yet! My clothes are feeling way tighter but I haven’t gained any weight yet. The exhaustion and fatigue is probably my worst symptom. I have been in bed every night by 7 pm (but I have been sleeping like a B A B Y).

I’ll post another update next Monday after my appointment.


6 weeks and 4 days

I had my second ultrasound this morning and baby is measuring 6 weeks and 4 days with a heart rate of 120. The feeling of seeing that heartbeat on the screen is a feeling I will never be able to explain. Being pregnant still feels so surreal to me.

I have worried this whole time about the baby not having a heartbeat (infertility will make you worry about EVERYTHING when you’re pregnant) so seeing the heartbeat today was a huge milestone for me. I feel so relieved. The doctor also said the risk of miscarriage decreases significantly once the heartbeat is detected.

I go back for my next ultrasound and progesterone check next Monday! No more beta testing now that we have a heartbeat. Progesterone was 20.16 today and the nurse referred to it as “perfect.” 🎉

Beta #2

We had our second beta today! My HCG level was 4,175 (which is right on track). My progesterone was still a little low (21.7) so they increased my progesterone suppositories to 3 times a day instead of two.

We also had our first ultrasound today! Based on my last cycle (March 5th) I should be 6 weeks and 6 days but we know that’s not right because I went to the clinic on the 18th and hadn’t ovulated yet. She said I was more than likely 2 weeks behind (which puts me around 5 weeks). We couldn’t see anything but the gestational and yolk sac but it was still so reassuring to see those on the ultrasound screen. She said it will be about 2 weeks until we see baby and the heartbeat.

Still needing all the prayers I can get ❤️

Explaining Life With Infertility

Now that our friends are finding out we are pregnant, the first question seems to be “how long were y’all trying?” When I tell them we have tried for years, most of them have genuine questions about our infertility journey (and infertility in general). The best way I can explain infertility to someone who doesn’t know what it’s like is by reading them this blog post:


One week

It’s been one week/7 days/168 hours/10080 minutes/604800 seconds since finding out we are pregnant. It still seems so surreal.

No one prepared me for the stress and worry that follows a BFP. The last two years I have worried so much about getting pregnant, I never thought about what it would be like to actually be pregnant.

I am so worried there will be no heart beat, or it will be an ectopic pregnant, or I will miscarry. I know normal people worry about this but no one worries as much as someone who has been TTC for a while.

I will feel better after Monday’s appointment. I’ll find out if my numbers are doubling and I’ll get my first ultrasound.

So Many Emotions-BFP Confirmed

Bloodwork today confirmed that I am PREGNANT! I have never felt so many emotions at the same time. I am happy, excited, scared, shocked, and the list goes on and on. It just feels so surreal. I just can’t fathom it; I have a house full of fertility injections and an IUI scheduled for the end of this month.

My HCG was 495 today and my progesterone was 12.6. She said my progesterone was a little lower than she would like so I will start the progesterone suppositories twice a day.

I will return to the clinic next week to repeat labs and make sure that my HCG continues to rise. Soooo many prayers are needed.

Help! Possible trigger?

Word press friends, I need your help. I am f r e a k i n g out right now. Do you see what I see? Is this really happening? It’s 10 pm and I am out of pregnancy tests. I am going to the store first thing in the morning to buy 100 more (kidding, well, kinda).

I am in serious denial. I haven’t told my husband because I’m convinced this isn’t real. What if this is just a false positive? I haven’t taken anything other than letrozole, which I have taken about 7 times already (and never gotten a false positive). Could this me it? My BFP?

Surely, the good lord wouldn’t put me through a false positive after TTC for this long, right?

I will update tomorrow morning when I test using FMU. Wish me luck!