Today Was The Day

I went to the clinic this morning for my baseline blood work and ultrasound (CD3). Today was the day the doctor decided that it is time for us to move on to more “aggressive” measures. I am responding well to the letrozole so she wants us to move on to IUI. If the IUI is not successful this cycle, we will try IUI again next month with a combo cycle of letrozole and injectable meds (gonal-f).

This is exciting and nerve racking. I am excited to move on to the next step but I am oh so scared. I am scared of getting my hopes up and then being crushed. I am scared of jumping in to the next step because I know what comes after that step. I will post an update when CD14 arrives!

One comment

  1. Confuzzled Bev · March 11, 2019

    Good luck! I truly hope IUI is just the push you need to get your baby.

    Our third (and final approved by insurance) IUI just failed. We have an appointment this week to discuss next steps, but most likely we will be moving on to ivf, which we will pay for ourselves.


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