Progesterone Round Two

I went to the doctor last Monday because my cycle STILL hasn’t arrived. My last cycle was in November so the doctor decided to put me on progesterone (or the crazy pill as my husband calls it) to jump start it. This is my second time taking progesterone because up until now my cycles have been semi-regular. I stopped my Metformin in October because of the GI issues and I assume that is why my cycle has become more irregular.

The only side effect I have had (thus far) from the progesterone is drowsiness; which has actually been pretty amazing. I have gotten some of the best sleep since I started the progesterone! I am telling you, I haven’t sleep this good in YEARS! My husband has noticed me saying full sentences in my sleep since I stated the medication last Monday!

I am supposed to take the progesterone for 10 days and then my cycle will start within 10 days of the last pill. Once my cycle starts, we are back to our regular “timed intercourse” schedule. Baseline monitoring on the first and 14th day of my cycle, 5 days of letrozole, a trigger shot, and lots of “baby dancing.”


  1. berry · January 22, 2019

    Good luck! Glad you’re getting some good zzzzs at least!


  2. Confuzzled Bev · January 23, 2019

    Good luck! Glad the progesterone symptoms aren’t too severe.

    I have an appointment on Friday for an ultrasound and to start progesterone ready for IUI number 3. I’m nervous because this is our last approved try for now – if it fails we either have to convince the health insurance to approve another try or move on to IVF. I haven’t actually ovulated yet this cycle though! I’m not sure what will happen if the ultrasound shows I still haven’t ovulated? I’m away from 1st-3rd February so I was hoping to take progesterone until 5th February and start injections on the 8th.


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