When Santa Brings You A BFN

I don’t take pregnancy tests (I may have mentioned this before). I did for the first few months of TTC and then I quit. I couldn’t stand seeing the BFN month after month. I haven’t taken a home test in about 8 months or so. Usually my cycle shows up before I even think about testing. The only time I test now is if the fertility clinic chooses to do so.

My period is about 15 days late (which is no surprise due to my PCOS). I decided I would take a test because what better day to surprise my hubs than Christmas? I imagined myself wrapping the test and giving it to my husband in front of our family. Of course, it was negative. Now I remember why I don’t test. I have never felt so sad on Christmas Day.


  1. faith&infertility · December 25, 2018

    I feel like while others are dreaming about winning the lottery, a big promotion, or their next vacation… there are those like us just dreaming about holding a baby of our own in our arms. Hugs!


  2. kelljean · December 25, 2018

    Take heart, dear one. Sending love and prayers 💕


  3. deanejennifer · December 26, 2018

    Hugs, prayers and thoughts being sent your way. I’m sorry you’re going through this. I thought about testing too but scared of seeing a BFN as well. You’re not alone in this.


  4. Lauren · December 27, 2018

    So sorry for you lady, as we hung our pineapple ornament on our tree we pray for next year ❤


  5. sunnydaysontheway · January 2, 2019

    So Sorry, I know that’s really rough.


  6. Confuzzled Bev · January 3, 2019

    I’m so sorry. What a way to end the year 😦

    The one time I even thought about testing (one of the very few times my luteal phase was more than 10 days and I had no spotting) my period started on Christmas Eve 2016. It’s almost like our bodies *know* it would be the perfect occasion for things to work out.


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