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The day after my PCOS diagnosis, I told my best friend Lauren about my fertility struggles. I told her last April that we were going to try for a baby (because I was so excited and I had no f-ing clue it would take this long) and then I just never mentioned it again. I didn’t have to mention it again because I know she knew we were struggling. That’s the thing about friends, they know what we are going through, even when we are silent. Lauren knew I would talk about it when I was ready and that day came in January 2018.

When we were kids playing house with our baby dolls, we never imagined we would have to go down this road. I say we because you have gone down this road with me. You have kept up with my doctors appointments (even made them for me on occasion), you have listened to me when I needed to talk, and you have constantly reminded me that things are going to work out. I am so thankful God put you in my life, 26+ years ago.

Count on me through think and thin 
A friendship I will never end
When you are weak, I will be strong
Helping you to carry on 
Call on me, I will be there
Don’t be afraid
Please believe me when I say
Count on...”-Whitney Houston/CeCe Winans

*This song came to my mind for the first time in 20+ years, while writing this post. Fun fact: it was sang at our 6th grade graduation. ❤️

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