My mom turned 54 over the weekend and celebrating her birthday led me to wonder what I will ever do without her on this earth. She is a great mom and an ever better Mammy (to my nephews).

My heart hurts knowing I waited so long to try for children and that she may never get to see me be a mom. My husband and I have been together for (almost) 10 years and we were married for two years before we decided to try for a baby. My biggest regret is that we waited so long to try.

“I wish I would have met you sooner, so I could have loved you longer.”


  1. Cynthia CM · November 19, 2018

    Happy birthday to your mom! 54 isn’t old at all to become a grandmother. In fact, it’s very young in my neck of the woods. My mom is more than a decade older than yours and only became a grandmother this year. Most women don’t have their first babies until they’re somewhere in their 30s – many in their mid-30s or later, even. I know this doesn’t help you, since infertility can affect people at any age nor does it help when your peers already have children. 😦


  2. Mary · February 12, 2019

    I pray you will have your children soon. I pray that your mom stays in good health and will get to know them and play with them and be a support for you. My largest sadness was that my Xander came nine years after I lose mine. I pray you don’t know that sadness💖


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