Timed Intercourse-Cycle One

Timed intercourse….sounds romantic huh? This is our first timed intercourse cycle. We had to cancel last month’s cycle because of my HSG results. Thankfully, my MRI results confirmed that I was cleared to continue with fertility treatments.

Today is cycle day 14 for me! Which means my morning started out with an ultrasound and lab work at the fertility clinic. My ultrasound showed that I have THREE follicles that are ready (thanks to the letrozole I took last week). The doctor sent us home with orders to “get busy” everyday for the next three days! Her last words were “I hope you are okay with twins.”

I left there feeling positive about this cycle, but I am trying so hard not to get my hopes up! I have to remind myself that the heartbreak will be so much worse if I get my hopes up. I hate to be negative Nancy but I feel like I should expect this cycle to fail just to protect my emotions.

I go back next Friday to check my progesterone and then on the 28th for my pregnancy test. If this cycle doesn’t work, we will repeat it next month and add a trigger shot.

Of all the two week waits I have had so far, I feel like this will be the longest. Of all the negative pregnancy tests I have taken so far, I feel like this will be the hardest. With PCOS, I have never been able to accurately pin point my ovulation date, I have always felt like we were just guessing. I have always assumed that is the main reason I have never been pregnant. This cycle is different because we know ovulation is going to happen in the next few days and we know when to “get busy”. If the doctor confirms I ovulated this cycle and still didn’t get pregnant, it will be a hard pill for me to swallow.


  1. raisingksquared · September 14, 2018

    Good luck and baby dust ✨✨✨


  2. kelljean · September 15, 2018

    I know how that goes. Getting my hopes up is what I struggle with. A lot. I think there’s a fine line between not getting our hopes up and losing hope – I have yet to find the precise balance of it all. Praying for the desired results this time around 💕

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  3. Stafford Homestead · September 15, 2018

    Good Luck, I hope you get your BFP this month. But if not this time it will happen!


  4. Rachel · September 15, 2018

    Fingers crossed for you all!!!


  5. TheUnforseenPath · September 17, 2018

    Ugh, finding your ovulation day is so hard! I absolutely agree and feel that way most months too! I hope this cycle works for you!!


  6. Doubtfullotus · September 20, 2018

    Good luck! Hope this cycle is successful!


  7. Jewel · October 2, 2018

    Good luck chica! I hope you get a BFP 🙂


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