Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve a Baby

I will never understand why God gives babies to people who don’t deserve them. Throughout this journey, I have connected with hundreds of women who are desperate to be a mother. Instead of giving these women a baby to love and cherish, God gives a baby to someone like this??

I try really hard to not be angry with God about infertility but how can you not be angry when you see something like this?

I will never understand why people like this are given the opportunity to be a mother but I am not.

When I read this article tonight, I prayed that God would help me understand why he gives a baby to someone who doesn’t deserve it. I prayed this because let’s face it, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand”


  1. CW · July 18, 2018

    That’s really tragic.


  2. ivfnotmadeeasy · July 18, 2018

    Life is unfair in so many ways. I stopped asking myself why and how come…


  3. life.marriage.and.beyond · September 26, 2018

    This makes me sad. I definitely had asked a lot “why” questions too. But you know sometimes when you are going through something horrible like infertility or miscarriage, it definitely does make you appreciate your child more. It definitely changes your view of raising your child, in a better way. Every child is a blessing! Never take them for granted.


  4. VisitorInAStrangeLand · November 28, 2018

    These kind of stories always made me angry. Why do these people get kids and throw them away like nothing?


  5. Mary · February 12, 2019

    Through my more than twenty year struggle God and I battled it out many times over this very thing. And after I miscarried my first son it was even worse. Even today while I play with my boy and I see things like this I cry uncontrollably because I just can’t understand why…
    I have to work to keep myself in check on these things. Every child is meant to be and every child has a purpose in this life. Unfortunately we may never know why because God is such a mystery.
    I’ve come to accept that I lost my first son because his loss was meant to set me on the path to my Xander ❤️💔❤️ It doesn’t make the pain of losing him any less and it doesn’t make me miss him less or cry any less when I think of him, but it helps me to accept his loss. I wish I knew why these terrible people are given the gifts so easily that so many of us struggle for. But those of us who struggle and fight, we hold more dear the children that result from that struggle❤️


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