Be Kind; Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle.

Infertility has taught me that you never know what other people are going through. The quote Be Kind; Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle has never been more true for me. I have struggled with infertility for over a year now and those around me have no idea. I can’t tell you how many times I have cried in the bathroom at work (usually over test results or negative ovulation test) and walked out like nothing was wrong. None of my coworkers or even my closest friends/family have any idea that I am falling apart right in front of them. I spend most days on the brink of tears and no one would ever know it. This has opened my eyes to the fact that we have no idea what someone else is going through. Just because someone smiles on the outside doesn’t mean they aren’t empty on the inside. Just because someone doesn’t smile on the outside doesn’t mean they are empty inside.




  1. anchored2beautyblog · June 8, 2018

    I am in the middle of reading all of your stories but had to stop and comment on how similar our stories are. I cry at home, at work, in the car. I have kept it pretty quiet but I also wanted my female co workers to know so they can understand a little so they aren’t like wth is wrong with her lol. I love this quote because its so true. I feel like I am the only one going through something but I know my other co workers are too. And my husband, as strong as he is and he will never show or admit it but he has a hard job and I know it really stresses him out. I know how hard it is to tell people because they just Don’t Understand. Period! I am so sick of the “oh just relax it will happen.” and the it happens when you least expect it, don’t try so hard” I want to just scream!!! Im gonna read the rest of your stories now lol 🙂

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    • Journey Through The Storm · June 9, 2018

      I am so glad you can relate to my stories! I never realized how true that quote was until I started this journey. I literally wipe my tears and walk out like nothing happened and people have no idea. I am (usually) the strong one. The one that doesn’t cry. The one that everyone turns to for advice and a shoulder to cry on. I don’t think my friends would ever guess I am fighting a battle as big as infertility 😢

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  2. Mary · June 12, 2018

    It’s amazing what suffering through infertility and quietly does for you. No one knew when I got pregnant because I was so scared of loss and at the same time after twenty years I thought, God would never take this baby from me. And then he did 😢 I sat with it alone for some time before I started my blog. My now ex husband didn’t want to talk about the baby that only we knew about and I needed somewhere I could go. Some way of getting it all out. My loss, my sorrow, my absolute devastation. I needed people to know that my baby existed. It’s amazing what opening up did for me. I look forward to reading all of your writings and I pray one day I will read of your joys of a family realized


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