My Ticket into The Club

In my previous blog post Secret Club I explained the club that I am now a part of (infertility). My ticket into the club: PCOS.

After months of negative pregnancy tests, I decided to see my OBGYN again to discuss my progress (or lack there of). The doctor told me that the first step in diagnosing infertility is blood work. He told me that the next step after the blood work would be an HSG dye test. Two weeks later my blood work results were in and I had officially been diagnosed with Polysystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a hormonal disorder that affects 1 and 10 women. PCOS is the main cause of female infertility.


I have had irregular periods since I was 17 years old and no doctor has ever tested me for PCOS until now. I saw several doctors about my irregular periods and all of them told me it was “normal”. Looking back, I had very obvious PCOS symptoms. I gained 30+lbs out of no where and I went a whole year with no period. If I had known at 17 I had PCOS, I wouldn’t have waited until I was 26 to start trying for a baby. I wouldn’t have waited TWO YEARS into my marriage to start trying. I am angry that no one ever mentioned PCOS to me.

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